Is this a good deal I am so confused

I just found a deal on ebay-

Intel core i5 2500k bundled with Asus Maximus IV Gene Z Z68 Motherboard 1155 for $320

I took it without even thinking through and now I am wondering if I made a mistake..The cpu is still sandy bridge and the mobo is not pci-e 3.0 compatible. Not that it matters right now..but still.

So what do you think of this deal?
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  1. Quote:

    oh soz I meant pci-e 3.0 compatible...

    So what do you think of the deal?
  2. what do you mean PCIe compatible? It sounds like an OK deal, look on newegg at the price of each separately and add them together.
  3. this question might be a cliche but the i5 2500k is good enough as opposed to the i7 2600k and 2700k lineups, right? Also how does it fair up against the ivy bridge 3570k and 3770k? I took the deal to save extra $150. The cheapest deal in Australia is,
    asus p8z77 vpro+i5 3570k =$471 from msy
  4. Thanks that sounds reassuring.
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