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I just hit 1500 points about a minute ago, and it still says that I'm an apprentice. Any thoughts? Do I just need to be patient?
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  1. HAHA i realized. Thanks.
  2. I suspect a lot of the status data and forum housekeeping stuff doesn't get updated immediately like the text of a forum post does.
  3. Yeah that's what I figured. Just wanted to ask to be sure.
  4. Right you are WR2!
    Some of the badge and points stuff is bottlenecked and kept in a hopper, then tripped.
  5. jpishgar said:
    Right you are WR2!
    Some of the badge and points stuff is bottlenecked and kept in a hopper, then tripped.

    Most of mine got Tipped not tripped :kaola:

    Mactronix :)
  6. mactronix said:
    Most of mine got Tipped not tripped :kaola:
    Yup; it's happened before.
    A few months back we went something like six months without making progress for a couple of the badges.
  7. I see thanks for the link, I never could see why we needed a mirror site, i guessed it was so as to have a different server because maybe the US one couldn't take the load or some such. I mean its the World Wide Web after all and as such we should all come together in one place really.

    I have asked about missing points etc before and was told there was nothing that could be done. Its a bit of a pain really as i know for a fact that Im down thousands of points and probably a fair few badges, probably down to this crossover and points not being counted issue.

    I have posted this before but for what its worth
    6562 posts and 17469 points. Now even at the lowest score of 4 points a post that comes out at 26248 never mind all the best answers I have had that have obviously not been counted ( No badges so i know they have been lost somewhere)

    I realize they cant probably cant go back and recount it for all those years but there must be others like myself out there who put in a lot of hours on these forums and don't have the badges or scores to demonstrate this.
    Yes they are only numbers on a forum and are not in a real sense important, but then again maybe they are to some people.

    Mactronix :)
  8. Those of us that joined back before the new badge system was implemented remember the old ranking system based on posts only. There were no points or badges at that time.

    When the new system started I think the old hands got 1 point for each post and from there on in it was 4 points per post plus the other points, 25 for asking a Question, 14 40 for a Best Answer, etc., counting toward the new forum ranks.
    Plus the badges earned in various ways, based on the badge category.
  9. When you spot an 'old hand' where the posts about equal the points you know it's someone who hasn't been around much lately.
    Uploaded with
  10. 1970? I didn't know Tom's has been around for that long haha.
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