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Hi folks,

I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium

How do I know if I have a message from one of my messenger contacts? I logged into my Hotmail account and I have a (1) at the top of my screen beside Messenger. When I click on it the name of my contact appears. But the thing is there is no message. Just the person's name. Does that mean they have just hit me up to let me know they want to talk?

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  1. If you're using MSN live messenger: the icon on the task bar (that bar at the bottom of the screen) should light up and a new window with the contacts message will be there.

    The (1) or what ever number is there, should be next to the word "inbox" this indicates the number of unread messages in your inbox. When you click on this it should open an internet browser window at and ask you to log on to view your e-mails; unless you have windows live mail installed and it will open that application instead.
  2. Hi bobusboy

    Thx for your reply

    No, the (1) is beside Messenger. See this:

    I opened up Messenger on my PC after I saw the (1) beside Messenger but it didn't light up afaik and show any notification. I have Windows Live Mail but my Hotmail isn't connected to it.
  3. Holy unread e-mail batman!

    That (1) there means you're signed into web messenger and that you either have one message waiting or one contact online. (I think it's the former)

    Webmessenger is MSN but through the hotmail website.
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