Ivy Bridge vs Haswell (I've got Pentium D!)

Hi, I'm typing from Poland and first I want to say 'sorry' for my English. I've read a lot of topics about my problem, but people usually have not eventually bad CPUs like Core2Quad or first generation of i5\i7. I'm different. My computer is 6 years old:

motherboard - Intel Grand County 2 D102GGC2
cpu - DualCore Intel Pentium D 805, 2666 MHz
RAM - Kingston 2GB DDR2
graphics - ATI Radeon X550

I've already tried to buy a new CPU to my mb(socket 775), but it isn't working with any C2D or better, only supports Pentium D, which I have now. Overclocking with my motherboard is impossible too. And changing GPU will not help, becouse a new GPU will be blocked with an old CPU.

With this hardware, I can't play any of 'serious' games. I have a lot, lot hours of HD video on my HDV camera and I can't even edit it on my computer. Editing video with SD quality is really hard work too. I tend to do many things on the same time on computer, and it gets freeze.

And here's my question, should I wait for Haswell and LGA1150 or buy Intel Ivy Bridge now(and dead socket LGA1155)?
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  1. blazej, welcome to Tom's! LGA1155 won't be dead anytime soon, so I guess if you put together a solid 1155 system, you'll be fine for the next 3 years or so. My advice for you is to start with a cpu like the i5-3450, especially if money is a problem for you. That way you can use the IGU and later add a discrete GPU.

    Best regards.
  2. I'd say a 3570K, its not that much more, and gives you a lot more headroom.

    But the key to answering your question is really the answer the question when do you need a PC, if its now, then IVB is your choice. the 'dead socket' argument is a little false, as they are always dead, from both amd and intel camps. As you've found socket 775 wasn't just one socket there was an update that was to all intents and purposes a new socket.

    You'll be fine on ivy.
  3. Socket LGA1150 will only see 2 generations as well....so, regardless of which you buy, your next upgrade will require a new motherboard again.
  4. How about DDR4? Will it see the sunlight in 2013 or later?
  5. Haswell supports DDR3 RAM.

    Haswell-EX will support DDR4 RAM in 2014. These are enterprise class CPUs which are meant for servers. They will be relatively expensive because they are expected to have 16 cores.

    Mainstream CPUs supporting DDR4 are not expected until 2015 when Intel releases Broadwell.
  6. Ok. I am going to buy an Ivy Bridge.

    Thank all of you very much.
  7. blazej30, my current computer is even older than yours as mine was built in 2004 and has just a single core CPU and old ram. I'll be working with video so, I'm going with the i7 and a Gigabyte z77 motherboard.

    Here's my new build thread if it helps you any:

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