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Corrupt Graphics

I am dealing with a very strange problem. I installed new XFX Radeon HD 6750. I have some artifacts/lines on the screen which started showing only in games, then spread randomly to the rest of my computer, finally resulting in computer freezes on startup before/on the windows login screen with random blocking/artifacts, also the sound in game intro becomes choppy.

The problems started after installing my new graphic card. My PC runs fi9 with integrated graphic crad no issue at all.Is it possible that a faulty software update can cause these types of problems to hardware? or insufficent power supply?
or problem of PCI express 2.1 with PCI EXPRESS Backward compatability?

I've done pretty much the same things to try to fix it (Update Bios,drivers, re-seating the card, etc) but nothing seems to be working. At this point I think I will have to replace my graphic card....

System Specs
Windows 7 64 Bit Professional

Intel Core 2 Duo E7400

Motherboard: Asus P5N73-CM

4 GB Corssair XMS2 Ram

Cooler Master 500 W Extreme Power Plus

XFX HD 6750

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  1. That is generally a sign of a bad video card(in most cases the memory)

    From cooler masters specs, the power supply has 30 amps(360 watts, not spectacular for a 500) on its combined 12 volt rails. That should be more then enough too power your system.
  2. Thanks for help. Do you mean VRAMS used are poor? Should i claim warranty?
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    Yes(does not mean they are poor, just not working right. I had that with an Asus card many years back), if it is new, take it to the store you bought it from. if its older, contact XFX to arrange a replacement.
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