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Please help me to enabla my bluetooth radiodevice in my windows 7 ultimate's laptop.
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  1. Does the laptop have bluetooth hardware? What have you tried already?
  2. I did recover for the previous setting, but still the bluetooth not functioning.
  3. Was it working before the recovery? Does it show up in device manager? Did you check the system specs to make sure the laptop came with bluetooth?
  4. No it doesnt work after the recovery, also could not found in the device manager.
    Actually this problem is also with my camera recorder, it doesnt show picture and no light from the lens. This was the same problem I've been incountered before both of my bluetooth and camera. What I did was to install the driver then its worked, but then again got the same problem, now I dont have the driver. When I open the bluetooth it diplays "bluetooth radio device is not available".
  5. The restore disks should have the drivers in them already, are you using the factory restore CDs you got or something else?

    Need to get the drivers for your model to get this to work.
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