Motherboard and Multiple Graphics Cards

I've got an ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/Gen3 and I'm wondering if I can install 2 Graphics Cards.

The Graphic cards needs PCI-E 2.0 which is 16x, the motherboard has 2 slots which are capable of 16x.
If only one of these is in use it runs at 16x but if you use the other one at the same time, they run at 8x each.
I was originally planning on getting a single GTX 580,
but now I'm considering getting 2 ASUS GTX 560ti's - But would they work? Will they work as well as a single GTX 580 ?

I'd appreciate some help here, thanks!
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  1. Hey chunkinator,

    From what I know, 2 Gtx 560 Ti's run faster than a GTX 580 in most cases. It also depends on what resolution you're planning to run at. 1080p or something is better with the GTX 560 Ti's but for insanely high resolution gaming, a GTX 580 would be better.

    Additionally, I would suggest getting the GTX 580 over getting 2 GTX 560 Ti's unless you plan on buying one NOW and then ANOTHER later, as how I plan on doing my build :P

    Now to the main answer of the question:
    - Dual 8X mode and Dual 16X mode usually have un-noticeable differences from what I have been reading online. Usually they offer similar performance.

    Hope that helped. :)
  2. Thank you, it did, a lot.

    And ye, I think I'll take your advice and just get a single GTX 580.

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