GPU questions. first time builder.

Alright im building a Gaming PC and i am going with an 560ti 448 EVGA. I know these cards have the exact same specs and that one is cheaper. MY question is are one of these just a better model than the other? :wahoo:

Card 1.

Card 2.


keep in mind that i do have a budget.
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  1. Dual fans run cooler, that's about it. Personally, I choose dual fans. Reference design leaves something to be desired (then again I prefer the centrifugal type that blows air OUT of the case, these designs just blow air around.)
  2. i entered the evga site, the diferences that i've seen:
    - dual fan vs single fan
    - 6+8 vs 6+6 power connector
    - and that the classified edition it's the ultimate ega card for that gpu (maybe it will have a little extra headroom for overclocking)
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