Asus K43SA Freezes

I bought this laptop around the end of november 2011, and I've been having intermittent lag problems on it.
The first time I had the lag problems, this is the situation that I had.
"My computer periodically freezes, causing Google Chrome to turn "(not responding)".
Whole Google Chrome window greyed out including windows taskbar. But alt-tab able
to reveal desktop. Opening windows task manager causes it to turn "(not
responding)". Windows Explorer working but can open video files but no sound on one
video. Subsequently unable to open video files at all then opened video finally plays 10
minutes after double clicking video. Function keys not working. Wifi on/off takes effect 5
minutes after pressing key. Upon shutting down, screen stays on "Shutting down..."
forcing me to manually switch off the laptop. The periodical laptop freezes is more like
a period of intense lags, with most buttons clickable but most windows not

Asus email support told me to recover windows to first partition which I did, but the lag was still causing problems.
This is my second email:
"I've done as you said and recovered windows to first partition. But the problem seems
worse after that. Have trouble loading websites after a period of time, showing error
page 'this webpage is not available' even though taskbar states that I'm fully
connected to the wireless network. Pressing Fn+F2 doesn't bring up wifi controls, now
google chrome freezes for 10-20 seconds, typing halfway in a text box suddenly
stopped and hanged, until 1 minute later the text I typed suddenly appear and
computer return from hanged state."

Then I sent the computer for repair in the Asus service centre, and they suspected that it was a RAM problem. But after a few days they told me they could not replicate the problem. To play safe, I changed my RAM to another brand. But the lag still happens intermittently.

Immediately after receiving the laptop from the service centre, I used the laptop and the lag returned. This time there were error messages. I surfed the web with google chrome until it started to hang. After 2-3 minutes an error message appeared: "The instruction at 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate the program." Also I tried to open mp3 files in windows explorer to check if the lag was due to google chrome, and I could not open mp3 files, with the error message saying "system call failed". I was also unable to open video files with Windows media player hanging at "Connecting...".

Now when the laptop is not lagging that badly, I get intermittent lags causing the mouse cursor to freeze for 5 seconds. Can anyone help me deduce what is the problem with my computer?
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  1. Hi.
    1. Try a new hhd and new installation.
    2. Check your current hdd for bad sectors.
    3. Check ram for any problems.
    4. Make a check disk from hdd control panel (this solves a lot of problems some times)
    Good luck.
  2. 1-Format HDD
    2-Re install Windows OS Again
    3-Download and Install Drivers from
    4-Take Reboot After Installation
    5-Turn on Windows update.

    And rock..

    If again facing same problem Simply Replace your HDD with a SSD
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