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Help with choosing a graphics card


I do a lot of MMO gaming, most recently Star Wars The Old Republic. I am wanting to be able to run the game on the highest settings relatively smoothly...I am very new to the concept of upgrading a computer and really need help on what graphics card I should be getting...

I have an ASUS CG5275 computer

I am hoping to keep the cost of the graphics card under 300 dollars as I am sure I will need a new power supply as well...

any recommendations would be greatly appreciated...thanks
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  1. A list I composed on which GPUs to buy in a certain price range (wattage included; single card setups only):

    Under $90: HD 6670 (Below 350W)
    Under Sub $100: HD 6750 (400W)

    Low $100: HD 6770 (400 to 500W)
    Mid $100: HD 6850/GTX 460 (400 to 500W)
    High $100: HD 6870/GTX 560 (400 to 500W)

    Low $200: GTX 560 Ti/HD 6950 1GB (500 to 600W)
    Mid $200: GTX 560 Ti/HD 6950 2GB (500W to 600W)
    High $200: HD 6950 2GB/GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores (500W to 600W)

    L,M,H $300: GTX 570/HD 6970 (500W to 600W)

    Anything above $400: GTX 580 (+600W)

    The wattage can be considering exaggerated for some of the cards, but I did that intentional to be on the safe side when it comes to wattage (especially when you plan on OC the GPU, CPU, etc.). If you plan on including a PSU in the budget, don't go cheap. Go for PSUs by Corsair, SeaSonic, XFX, Antec, Silverstone, and NZXT, preferable something with an 80 Plus Certification. Look for reviews on a PSU as well before buying; it is the most important component in a PC.
  2. You might consider the 570 if you can find a deal, the 560 Ti if you can't. The 560 Ti requires up to 14 amps on a +12V rail and 18 for the 570.
  3. IMHO: Corsair PSU's are great. I've only used them and never had any issues.
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    Here's a route you can take:



    The only drawback for the GPU is it is a KR model with 2 year warranty. The AR models have lifetime warranty, but I could not fit in the budget. Luckily, it is an EVGA card, so you get great service and their forum is full of people waiting to help you out with any issues.

    SeaSonic makes solid, quality PSUs, and the one chosen is affordable and is enough to run your system. JohnnyGuru gave it a 9.7 rating, the only con being the zip ties around the cables which you can remove :lol:

    Also, considering The Old Republic is more GPU bound, and you will have-if you buy it-a high-end GPU paired with a good dual core, you should expect great performance. Tom's has an article about The Old Republic performance analysis. Though your GPU is not mentioned, just look at the GTX 570 and remove about 10 FPS (15 FPS MAX).,3087.html
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  6. wow thank you so much for your help. That is really informative. I think I will go with your suggestions. Thanks again!!
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