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hey guys, i've recently become interested and tired of running games on a bad laptop that only has 1.3ghz processor...
i have money to spare, but not more than around 1500-1800 USD but the cheaper the better, im not exactly the best with these things, but i have done my research and is thinking this setup.

graphics card-EVGA 580gtx

power supply- no brand preferred but around 750w

processor- either intel i5 2500k or i7 2600k

case-cooler master haf 92 (full tower)

motherboard-no brand preferred but good ones

RAM- kingston 8 gig

internal memory- no brand preferred but 1TB will be best

and other parts such as fans, im not sure if it is called haf 92 but i think that is it. i have chosen the full tower since i can upgrade easily, im looking for a system that can run high end games on high resolution as well as media such as making flash, java coding etc.

for cooling i prefer to keep it fan and not liquid cooling. Any help from people who knows better than me and parts recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. It might be worth researching a reliable power supply as I seem to find they are one of the first components that breaks on me. I'd probably got for a coolmaster or antec one, but someone else might be able to give some better recommendations.
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