New pc build crashes at windows logo

Hello guys i am having a problem loading my operating system basicly i have a fully working pc that was completly fine but i decided to upgrade the motherboard aswell as the proccessor and ram
my new motherboard is the EVO m5a99x and a new x4 Bulldozer 3.6 and my new vengance ram the ram is compatible when i turn on my pc it gets past the post but as the windows logo apears and the baslls start going round a quick blue screen apears (Looks different to the blue screen of death) and then my pc restarts

is it to do with my motherboard need updating or what because i dont really know

windows 7
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  1. you have upgraded the motherboard but your windows has the old drivers for the motherboard
    it tried to communicate but it can't since it doesnt have the drivers for the new mobo
    you have to do a clean install of the os
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