Win 7 Headphone Issue

I'm having a issue with my headpone audio. I usually just plug my headphones into the headphone jack on my speakers but the only issue is that the sound isn't "centered" If I plug the headphones into the front headphone jack on the pc they work, but the system dosn;t detect that there is anything pluged into the jack so I don't think it is switching to true headphone mode. The other odd thing is is that the audio coming from the front panel jack is really loud. Setting the master volume at 4/100 is almost unbearable. I'm using the onboad sound on my asus p7p55d pro mobo with via hd audio drivers and Win 7 64bit. Thanks to anyone with advice.
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  1. Try installing/re-installing the latest audio driver for your board.
    Some other software installation may have messed up the audio driver.
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