I5-2520M, i7-2670QM or i7-2760QM

i am currently ordering a new laptop to replace my 6 year old inspiron and wish to know if i should go i5-2520M, i7-2670QM or i7-2760QM.
i plan on moderate gaming (league of legends, and a few steam games). should i save the money and get the i5 2520, if not which of the 2 i7's should i get?
the price difference between the i7 2670 and the i7 2760 is about 125 dollars, and i am on a tight budget. please state the reasoning behind your statemens
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    They would all be about the same for gaming. Most games can't use more than 4 cores much less using threads like 26xx and 27xx processors have.

    Whichever one has the fastest speed in GHZ should probably be the best one for gaming, but they will probably all be just fine.

    You get what you pay for though. If you are paying $125 less for a computer its probably because it is worth $125 less.

    As long as you understand that you are fine.
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