Are my first builds tempatures good?

Hello community,

I just put together my first build with Asus p8z77-v PRO and i7-3770k cooling by Noctua D-14 in a Fractal design r3 case with
two Fractal fans in front and one Typhoon 1850rpm in back.

I am getting between 29-35C on idle and 75C on Prime 95 when I ran it with Furmark for 15 mins. I am wondering if the temps are in danger-free range?

Second-thing I am using Asus Xpert2 in order to keep eye on tempartures, but there is a big difference between Asus Xpert2 and Realtemp tempartures. Which one to believe on?

These are the results from Real temp 10minutes test with prime95:

Thanks in advance

P.S I have not overclocked but I was thinking to do.
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  1. What's your room temperature? Many people forgot that has a big influence on CPU temp. For instance, I had my computer at 12C idle in the middle of winter when the heat was shut off.

    Other than that your temperatures are very safe. The maximum operating temp for your CPU is 95C I believe.
  2. if you have NOT overclocked, those are high.

    but you are NOT in a "danger zone".
  3. Thanks for the reply... @Lunarion, Don´t have any tempature meter so that I can see.

    @looniam ... CPU is not overclocked.
  4. If you're generating heat due to both prime95 and furmark running at the same time, 75DegC is more than fine, heck it's great actually, you're putting alot of heat (95degC from your gfx at least) and that is naturally going to bump up your CPU temp.

    Anything over 85DegC is worth worrying about. 29-35 ambient leads me to believe you're house temperature's a comfortable 20-25degC, so those ambients are also just gravy.

    Nice, it's good to see a user take so much interest in cooling.
  5. duseans said:

    @looniam ... CPU is not overclocked.

    i edited my reply after i re-read your post. maybe give this a read:
    Undervolting and Overclocking on Ivy Bridge
    though i'd doubt i could afford an i7 3770K, my goal would be to get 4.1Gz @ 1.05 volts for no more than 70c.
  6. @teh_gerbill

    Thanks for the reply :D,

    Without furmark when I run prime Test I get between 23-31(MIN) and 57-65(MAX) on all cores. While running furmark together with prime95 for 15 mins Ivy gets to 31C(Min) and 75C(Max) and yes my Asus 6870 OC produces about 84C (Max).

    and Yes, Rum temp has to be around 20-24C inside ...

    Thanks for the article and the help.... I can try to do it tomorrow and then I will let you know how it goes.
  7. Yip, all within respectable limits OP, I wouldn't worry at all, I like the i7 running at 65 nonoc, as loonaim article will state, you may undervolt, but at 65 I see little point, up to you :)
  8. Thanks for the reply, I did as looniam said, I overclocked it to 4.1ghz@1.05V .. The results are nearly same.

    I didn´t excepted any difference either because I had turbo boost ON. So, while stress testing it went from 3.5Ghz to 3.9Ghz @1.08V ... But now it´s running on 4.1ghz@1.05V ... with +1 to 2C more.

    Thanks for the help.
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