Inspiron 530 regular tower silver color graphics card suggestion!!

I have dell inspiron 530 regular tower. I like to change my graphic card. but im not sure what's good for me.

I have core 2 quad cpu, 3gb ram, 350w psu.

my current graphic card stop working correctly, I think i have radeon 2600xt. if i do anything that requires just a little bit graphic (such as play a movies, run a cs gam), the screen would turn black. and I have to restart.

please help me find what's wrong and what's a good graphic card for me!!!
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  1. It looks like your graphic is trying to tell you something The highest card would be on the Nvidia side would be a GT 520 do to the size and the brand of your power supply. I don't know what the ATI card size would be. Hope this helps a little and happy holidays
  2. The graphic card I put in there worked for like 1 year, then it stopped working. I googled gt520 and there are a lot of choices, I'm not sure which one I can use. does ddr matter? all I saw is ddr3 cards. what about "PCI express" "low profile"? what does it mean?
  3. DDr 5 is what you are looking for. The PCIe x 16 is what you put the graphic card in. Low profile is instead of the card being about 5 in tall it is about 2.5 in tall they are for cases that are slim line in order for them to fit. hope this helps
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