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Sorry to create another one of these threads, but I just can't get to know the fact that toms doesn't have Gaming badges. What I see is this.

It just says ' Gaming| Gaming | Gaming'

That's all. I already have got like 15-30 best answers in the video gaming section and still haven't got a badge. I just wanted to report this issue, if it is one .?
I already searched for others, but they were just left without answers.

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  1. Gaming isn't a subforum we reward badges for. At least, not yet.
  2. Why not ? And if so, why does toms still have that 'Gaming badges' displayed.
  3. Badges and points are something that will be overhauled shortly after the forum platform update. It's been a long time in coming, but it's something that needs doing.
  4. So, when is the platform update supposed to happen ? Last time, I heard buwish that it supposed to happen during June. :)

    Also, does that mean my status will change to 'Enthusiast' ?
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