Need Help Building Music Production/Gaming Monster CPU

Hey everyone,

Let me start by saying that I realize this question has been asked a million times, but there's always new hardware coming out, and everyones budget is different.

I need help building a new computer. Hopefully there are some experts in the house. I'll get to the point:
I've been running Logic Pro on a Macbook for the past 4 years and I can't handle it anymore. I love Logic, but my Macbook is very outdated. I've been saving up money to build a dream computer.
Originally I was going to stay with Mac and either get a fully loaded iMac or Mac pro because I love OSX and am very familiar with Logic Pro which isn't available for Windows.
The problem is, gaming is equally important to me and I'm being told that neither the iMac nor the Mac Pro do gaming very well. Unless I'm mistaken?
SO, I don't know whether to build some kind of fully loaded Windows PC or maybe go down the Hackintosh route? If anyone has any input on that? I know people say building a Hackintosh can be stressfull, but it would be VERY nice to be able to have Logic Pro AND be able to play games.

I'm also aware that new Apple products could potentially come out in the next few days at the WWDC event.
But like I said, gaming is very important to me too. I want it to be able to handle new games on high video settings and perform smoothly while using music software.

My budget can be as high as 2,000$ but I'd prefer not to exceed that.

Thanks for any advice given!!
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  1. I'd say don't go Apple if gaming is really that important to you. Windows is still number 1 for gaming, I reckon. You'd get a much better Windows running PC for your budget than a Mac. Are there any music developing software you like that runs on Windows?
  2. The only DAW I've used is Logic Pro, but I'm willing to learn how to use a new one. I just like Logics included sound library. But maybe other DAWs have that too..
  3. Anyone else? Pleasee
  4. You're obviously looking for a high-level CPU. Minimum of Quad-core. AMD is my personal favourite, but Intel will work perfectly too. Do you plan on overclocking?

    I don't really know anything about DAWs, but I'm sure there is suitable software available for Windows for what you wanna do.
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