SOLVED!Pixelated screen AMD 5870 with new driver

AMD 5870, 2 screens, using SSD for windows and program files. All was going well with a driver that was ? age from an older less-able ATI card. Updated catalyst driver today and nothing but a problem since. The screen became pixelated with random colored blocks and green pixel noise. Tried a 1 year old driver with no difference. No problem with display with driver removed. Any suggestions?

Thanks to treefrog07....used DriveSweeper 3.2 (free download but I'm going to give them some Paypal); removed all traces of amd priorware and installed the 12 beta CCC and Voila!! it came to life!

Thanks to the forum; thought I had a bad board
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  1. Be sure to completely uninstall your previous driver, with DriverSweeper, for example. Then visit AMD's driver site here, and download and install the latest drivers for your 5870 and operating system.
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