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deciding on some part for my new rig

first would like to apologize for my English, grammar,

hi hi, ok now currently going to be building a new system for me to twinkle around with.
all of the parts came alreaady except the psu (still haven't think if i will buy 1 or 2) and which mobo would benefit me best for quadfire and anyone recommend for any good LCS? and well planning on buying a samsung 58" or something bigger tv for my monitor but still waiting until i finish up my new rig and i got some spare 1920x1080p monitors lying around until i can get one nice tv

got this already:

i7 3960X
G.SKILL RipjawsZ 32gb (8X4GB) 1600Mhz
Sapphire 7970 x4
patriot wildfire 480gb
western digital caviar black 1.5TB
Cosmos II

ok so now i need a mobo and i have only used MSi X79A_GD65 (8D) for LGA2011 on my 3930K, and only using 2 7970xfx on it, so on my new system i wanted to use 4 7970's so which mobo is good?

MSi X79A-GD65 (8D) ?
ASUS Rog Rampage Extreme IV ?
MSi Big Bang Xpower II?

or do you guys know any recommendation?

for PSU, im wondering if a Corsair x1200 could power this pc? lets say if i were to go gaming and some 3d rendering, and a 25/7 facebook online and download stuff (just those, its what i always leave my PC online and on what programs are open)

im looking for at least a 100-200W headroom, i'm also keeping an eye on that seasonic x1250w or the seasonic 1000w platinum one
or it would be better to go with a 1200/1250w + another psu?

for what i will use this pc for?:::: gaming, and Dling, watching movies, house lan party, cad, video/music editing pretty much the same with my 3930k and fx8150...

oh for a TV besides samsung anyone know any good TV? 3D ready, and i want it really big, i might put it in my room together with this pc and decide it as my main pc, and of course i want a slim border since i'll be using 3 of these kind of TV as i planned.

for those that would recommend me an i7 2600k or i5 2500k, i already have those system and now looking at a newer one, while waiting for ivy-e and some nice ivy 1155

actually i already have the ones i listed above but i'm having doubts on that patriot SSD, I'm thinking of buying a 4 or so 120gb/128gb ssd's like corsair force 3/gt or crucial, and maybe some more ssd for storage(where i will be putting some games so they load faster)

ok i don't have infinite budget but i do have a budget for certain sets

for PSU (either 1 or 2 of them) my budget is 800$ usd
for TV (need for 3) my budget is 9,000$ usd
for Mobo my budget is 500$ usd
for LCS (please recommend me some) budget is 2,000$ usd

questions (rewriting it so people can easily find it)
1-can a single AX1200 corsair or X1250 seasonic suffice? or i would be needing 2 PSU? i don't mind buying ax1200w x2 or seasonic x1250w x2 even if its an overkill,
2-for TV i have my eyes on some samsung TV's but do you guys know any better? preferred are like 50" or bigger and 3d ready and full HD
3-for Mobo's i have used a msi x79a-gd65 8D already and know its good but not sure if it can power 7970 quad fire, after seeing as pci 2.0 doesn't play well with 7970, i would love to test it on my other PC but it's way back home and i'm not at home right now and really far away (was planning on going home with the parts and build it at home)
4-for LCS any recommendation is good, brands, or nice lights and stuff, (im thinking of green color or red or blue.

for websites: newegg or tigerdirect or any online shops that ships to US or Global, (i would like to avoid amazon or ebay) but shops similar to ncix or newegg or tigerdirect would be appriciated.
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    Just my opinions:

    1) Any good TV will be 1080P(1920 x 1080) resolution, regardless of the size dimension.

    2) A single 7970 will drive a single 1080p tv/monitor to it's maximum capability.

    3) Once you get past two strong graphics cards, you get diminishing returns from extra cards in triple/quad cf. Possibly, even a decline in performance.
    If you go that route, add one card at a time, and see how you do.

    4) As to sizing a psu, a basic cpu and a normal complement of dvd's, hard drives, etc will take 300w, or less. Add to that the requirements for each graphics card. The slot itself can draw, at max, 75w, a 6 pin pcie connector is also 75w, and an 8 pin connector is 150w. So, for each 7970, you have 300w added, max. A dual 7970 will need 900w, triple needs 1200, and quad needs 1500w. That is a conservative estimate. Personally, I think triple 7970 is a bit much and quad borders on crazy. If I had to pick a top psu, look at thwe Seasonic X-1250 It includes 8 pcie 6+2 connectors, and there would not be that many if the psu could not power them all. Adding a second psu would require you to figure out a way to get it powered up. Possible, but an added complication.

    5) The most important consideration on buying a psu is quality. My short list of quality psu's would include Seasonic, PC P&C, Antec, Corsair, and XFX.

    6) I think Samsung makes the panels for many other TV's. I suspect they keep the best samples for themselves. I have never had a dead pixel on any of my Samsung monitors or tv's. Just one ancecdotal sample.

    7) A 7970 is not much impacted by a pcie 2.0 slot, I think only a couple of fps. With pcie3.0, you should not have an issue with any platform.

    8) With a good budget, the only SSD to get for reliability is Intel. The larger ssd's are faster, and have more spare space. So, instead of 4 120gb ssd's, get a single 480gb ssd if that will hold the capacity you need.
    The Intel 520 series would be the units of choice.
  2. thank you geo for taking some time replying to my long blabbing and questions i really appriciate it, well i also only used samsung for tv and lg/samsung/viewsonic for monitor and has always been satisfied, well i'm also thinking of going forward that seasonic as i found a nice deal on it and see if i can still get my hands on those, about that intel ssd i'll go take a look and see if i can get my hands on those lovely ssd, yeah all tv i've seen are 1920x1080, and only 3 tv with 3d ready, one of them is this 58" if im correct or was it 55" was thinking of there are more, i'm hoping i can find one bigger and slimmer before i go back home, but thank you again,
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