Looking for graphics in the 150-200$ range

Hello, I've been doing a lot of research on how to upgrade my computer without breaking the bank, along with making serious improvements. I've been slowly buying new pieces to fit the puzzle that is my computer. I'm always satisfied with the advice I get from these forums, so once again I am back.

I'm looking for a new graphics card in the 150.00 - 200.00 USD range.
I want to get something that will let me crank up the visuals on the many online games I play.

here is what I have already,

3.00 gigahertz AMD Phenom II X4 945
512 kilobyte primary memory cache
2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache

Graphics Card and Display:

NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT [Display adapter]
CVT LCD TV [Monitor] (39.7"vis, March 2010)

I'm currently running windows 7

The last step I took towards upgrading my computer was installing a new power supply that would support a newer graphics card,
I bought a "Antec Neo ECO 620C"

Thanks for your suggestions in advance! I appreciate any and all help/suggestions!
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  1. I would get either of these depending on how much you want to spend;

    FYI the GTX 560 Ti is about 10% faster at reference speeds and also overclocks very nicely if you are willing to do so. If not I would probably just get the HD6870.
  2. This goes for $210; a good GTX460 can be bought for $150-180 and is also good.
  3. What games do you play?

    What resolution is your monitor?

    I would have to agree with everyone else the GTX560ti for $210 + the rebate is a steal.
  4. World of Warcraft, Any MMO, Resolution is 1920 - 1080
  5. Take that 560 Ti and be happy, then :) Nothing really better in that price range, and IIRC, WoW favors nVidia cards.
  6. ^+1
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I really like the Ti, although it's slightly over my price range, it looks like the card to get!
  8. Go for it!!!!
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