LAN 4 Japan!

Alright I am trying to get together.
A Massive LAN Party to help those in Japan.
I am going to start making phone calls as soon as I can.

And I need advice.
What is a checklist of things I will need.

Game's I'm thinking.
Crysis 2
Starcraft 2
-Needs idea's-

I know I will need a big big big big room for this.
and most likely network specialists lucky my I got a ample supply of those cause I am in a technology class.
I know I will need routers, and those REALLY REALLY BIG Router thingys whatever they were called.

What other thing's will I need.
Once I get the checklist done I am going to start making phone calls to companies for prize's.
Let me know your input everyone.
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  1. tables, chairs, server, a router, switches, and network cables.

    also a fridge, drinks, candy, and pizza
  2. If I can get a location, I will be contacting Intel, AMD, any company I can possibly image or you can for that matter for raffle prize's.

    Contact Dell see if they can provide a vast amount of computers so everyone can participate, contact EA Game's to see if we can get temp keys for all the computers do a Crysis II and SCII for the games as well as various other game's.

    Call Domino's see if they can handle food on spot too.
  3. Okay, so I wrote the Red Cross and filled out the Application.
    But something they wrote made no sense to me.

    They can reject your cause if they don't think it is good enough.
    What the crap?

  4. Now you understanding the Corporate Theme... "Helping out is alright 'n all, but we're here to make MONEY !!"

    Or as Rahm Emanuel (former White House chief of staff, USA, and current mayor of Detroit) says:
    "Never let a good crisis go to waste"

    Sorry, it's bit like sex, someone had to tell you about it sometime.

  5. o_o...
    I find the Red Cross so well you know.
    I think I shall create a charity and by God it will help people.
    Not milk people for money.
    And I will personally make sure it goes to go use.
    Even if I have to travel half way across the world with my own money to see that it is.
  6. That's very noble, however, if it is based in, or operates in the U.S. you must be a "503c" charity to avoid taxes on any and all donations. That means you must operate your new charity by their rules and you might take offense to those rules. "Land of the free and home of the brave?" Look again.

  7. I concur.
    I think I will wait till I move to Norway with my fiance before I start a charity.
    I heard back from Direct Relief International today they love my idea now I just got to fill out there paper work.

    also I keep hitting my screen cause of your signature I keep thinking there is a bug on my screen.
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