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Thor V2 Case Fans

I have had the Rosewill Thor V2 case and I have had the stock fans in it since I got it around Christmas. I will put the fans that are supported below:
-Front 1 x 230mm Red LED Fan (pre-installed)
-Rear 1 x 140mm Fan (pre-installed)
-Top 1 x 230mm Fan (pre-installed) or 2 x 120 / 140mm Fan (option)
-Side 1 x 230mm Fan (pre-installed) or 4 x 120mm Fan (option)
-Bottom 1 x 120/140mm Fan (option)
I was just curious as to the best way to arrange these fans to get the best airflow possible. If new fans need to be bought, that is no problem whatsoever.
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    front - intake
    rear - exhaust
    top - exhaust
    side - intake unless split then it's usually intake on the GPU. CPU can either be left alone, be intake or exhaust depending the cooler. often it's best to play around with side fans as the specific gpu/cpu coolers vary results with arrangements. i've found some cases actually increase temp with any side fans.
  2. I have the same case, and I am going to be buying 3 140mm fans that put out a total of 103 CFM each.

    Since there are a good amount of mesh holes in the case, it may be best to have a negative airflow instead of a positive one.
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