Will amd 5670 work in 1gb 3.2p4 xp media center?

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  1. i upgraded my psu to 500 watts when i upgraded to axt1900 series however after uninstalling all ati drivers removing old card pluggin in new VT56702gb no video, i plugged another moniter into mb dvi out and installed software for new card. error message only says sucess but i cant locate amd drivers on hd. i have tried everything i can think of. this probably my 4th card upgrade and first problem. for now i reinstalled my xtx and work but really want to play call of pipryat. anybody?
  2. Disregard, you were obviously able to install the card. If I recall correctly, it won't because the P4 motherboards had an AGP (not PCIe) graphics slot. And I have not seen any AMD graphics cards for AGP since the 38XX series.
  3. yes pci express thanks anyhow.
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