HD4670 No Display

mobo: Asrock 970 Extreme4
cpu: Phenom II x4 955BE
ram: G.Skill 4GB (2x2Gb CL9)
psu: FSP Blue Lightning 500w (550w max)
hdd: 1tb Seagate 7200

monitor: Samsung B2230 LCD

I'm having issues with my XFX HD4670.

I just installed all the components of my PC, when I started it up I didn't get any display. My monitor tries to look for signal but it fails and goes to sleep. It doesn't say that the cable is unplugged or anything but its not getting signal from my card. The HD4670's fan spins just fine so it's getting power. When I install my OLD HD2400 everything works fine.

I connected my speakers to the computer to check if It'll boot to windows, and it did.

AFAIK, this is not a POST issue since I was able to boot to windows. I'm running out of ideas on how to fix this. I need your help.

btw, here's what I did to resolve it but to no avail
• Reseat the HD4670
• tried all PCI-E slots in my mobo (tried all 3)
• Removed all components > cleared CMOS > installed HD4670 > negative
• Removed all components > used 1 stick of ram > installed HD4670 > negative
• tried the HD4670 with my old Dualcore rig with the Blue Lightning 500w power supply > no display
• tried both D-SUB/DVI slots on all the steps mentioned above > no display (I dont have any screen that has an HDMI port so I haven't tried the HDMI yet)

Haven't tried yet:
• Use the HD4670 on a completely different RIG (case,monitor,psu,mobo)
• Use a different monitor

Hope you could help me.
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  1. if you tried in another mobo and the card do not give graphic,look like the card is defective
  2. that's what I'm inclined to right now. But I hope not.
  3. Your monitor is good because it works with the on board video port.

    Next step is to try the 4670 in a different computer.

    That is a pretty old part. Did you buy it new?
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