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Hello. I started building a small gaming PC. All I am looking for is to play games like StarCraft 2, Team Fortress 2 and maybe a couple of heavy graphics games if possible. Here are my specs so far that i have.

System Specs.

Operating System- Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)
CPU- AMD Phenom II X4 830 Processor at 2.80GHz
Ram- 4GB DDR3
Graphics Card- (None so far)
Motherboard- Biostar N68S3B
Power Supply- 400 Watt
Storage- 360gb sata (upgrading to SSD)

I really need help finding a Graphics Card for a decent price at around $100 that will let me run at least StarCraft 2 at high and getting more than 40FPS. Thank you :)
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  1. for around 100 bucks the best your going to get is like a gtx 550.

    If you let us know your budget for the whole rig and give some links to your parts we may be able to work something out.
  2. is it going to be able to run fine on my motherboard and power supply? Most graphics cards uses lots of power i heard and i don't want to end up buying a new power supply, well not now at least. Sorry I am a Noob.
  3. Alot of your parts you dont even say who makes it so it depends especially on your PSU.

    Try to get some links if you can for we know exactly what you got put together so far. And let us know your budget for the whole PC
  4. CPU- AMD Phenom II X4 830 Processor at 2.80GHz
    ram- corsair XMS3 ddr3 4GB
    Motherboard- Biostar N68S3B
    PSU-Diablotek DA series 400W

    I know that the PSU prob not going to support well most video cards but do you know a decent one that will still let me play games in high that dont use a lot of PSU power or doesn't even use a power supply at all?
  5. That That PSU is garbage and will give you problems either way. Let me know your total budget all together and i will figure out what i can do for you. If you dont tell me your budget all together theres not much i can do to help not waste you money, and get some quality items.
  6. As I said in your other thread, your PSU-shaped object is junk. Add $45 for an Antec Earthwatts or Corsair Builder, then think about a GPU.
    If you have not bought any of those parts, please don't. The Biostar mobo uses an archaic chipset that will limit you to 2000MT/s and the 830 will be outperformed by a Pentium.
  7. Yeah i think he needs to do his build all over, but it all comes down to his budget which i got no clue what it is.
  8. I built a system with a $20 PSU once. Took it all of three weeks to give up its magic blue smoke. Luckily it was the only thing that died that day.
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