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My PC is a Self Built PC
I am Using Core 2 quad q 8300 series with the mother board Asus p5kpl am\ps

My system is keeps on restarting i don't know the problem
Please advice on this

Let me know in case of any clarifications
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  1. Its Showing The post Screen then it restarts.. My PSU is getting High Temperature..Is there any ideal temperature for PSU and CPu's..
    Please advice me..
    Let me know if u need more details
  2. Please list your complete specifications of your computer so we can help you out better:

    Power supply brand name and model and how much watts.

    Graphics card if you have one.

    RAM Model name and number

    CPU C2Q 8300

    Motherboard ASUS P5KPL AM/PS

    What Operating System are you trying to use as well (linux, Windows 7, XP?).
  3. [

    Power supply brand name and model : Techcomm 450W

    Graphics card i: nvidia ge force 8400GS (but now connected in VGA port)

    RAM Model name and number : DDR2 @GB RAM Dynet

    CPU C2Q 8300

    Motherboard ASUS P5KPL AM/PS

    What Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate edition 32bit
  4. Alright well, never heard of a techcomm PSU company. You said your PSU was getting too hot? How hot is that? Over 60C? If it's over 60-C that's not good for the PSU, and your PSU might be junk.

    Also is there thermal paste in betweeen your CPU and your heatsink? You need some to efficiently transfer the heat from your CPU to your heatsink.

    What does it say your temperature for your CPU is in your BIOS? If it's over 50 you've got problems with your heat sink as I mentioned above.

    Also have you tried pressing F8 right after reboot and going into safe mode? Does it work like that?

    Is your OS your own and a legal copy?

    Edit: Are all your parts seated properly? Is your ram correctly seated (with the locking notches on)? Your video card?
  5. PSu getting too hot...Its getting upto 70 degreee

    But i dont know how to check the heat sink and all....
    i tried by presing F8 but its going to boot device property.

    After pressing F4 its shows the screen for selecting OS after that if we press f8 it will goes to safe mode

    OS is not an Legal Copy

    all the parts are seated properly

    RAM Video Card are all seated

    I think i am having a problem with PSU...
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    rachan123india said:

    OS is not an Legal Copy

    You should purchase yourself a legal copy before we go any furthur as there could be many problems with your copy.
  7. Ok ... after upgrading 2 the Original Version of OS..I'll Contact u with private message..for that befor please do tell
    whats the temparature denoting...
    whats of 70 degree celcius..
    I have 2 change the PSU or not
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