I need help with a crossfire setup

im trying to crossfire a Radeon HD 4850 and a Radeon HD 5670 i connected the crossfire bridge.
in GPU-z it shows up as crossfire not set up and in catalyst nothing still nothing

my specs

Windows 7
Intel Core i7-2600K
cooler master 1000w
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  1. I would like to see this answer. I didn't know that you can do what you are doing. I thought the cards had to be in the same series like 5's on 5's 6 on 6's but again I am learning new stuff everyday. I really don't know and I would like to know.
  2. do you think there's some type of drive hack or what not
  3. you can't cfx a 4850 and a 5670. both cards need to have the same first two digits e.g. 68xx or 69xx. you can cfx a 6850 with a 6870 (the 6870 will match the 6850's specs) and run them as two 6850s in cfx.
    you can still use either the 5670 or the 4850, your choice.
    for your setup, you should get a 6850 or 6950/ gtx 560 or 570.
  4. do you think theres a hack that lets you
  5. No..
  6. cesrivera1 said:
    do you think theres a hack that lets you

    no there's no hack afaik.
    crossfiring them is impossible because they are two very different cards. mostly because amd doesn't allow it. if they did, no one would buy their new high end card, instead people would recycle old cards, crossfire them with new entry level cards for higher performance.
    use either one of the cards.
    or get a more powerful single card like 6870, 6950, gtx 560, 560 ti, 570. or wait for the upcoming radeon 7000 series cards or nvidia's kepler 6xx/7xx series. they'd be much better than the 4850.
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