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I have a new desktop PC, with 2 ATI HD 6900 video cards. crossfired. Im not sure if my computer is actually using the card or the Intel HD graphics. under device manager, it shows all 3, all working properly. when i run GPUz it also shows all 3, but Intel being on the first page. and it shows Crossfire disabled. also when i first log into windows i get a message saying the CCC isnt working properly or something and that i need to update my drivers or enable ATI under device manager.

I downloaded the latest video driver update from AMD. but apprently my CCC has no option to let me enable crossfire. i did a search around the forums and my version of CCC looks way different. this is the file name --> 11-12_vista64_win7_64_dd_ccc_ocl

I was just wondering how to enable crossfire on my computer and make sure its using ATI video cards and not the intel one. PS, my monitor only has a VGA plug. but i am picking up a DVI adapter tomorrow. i mean i do need it right? to connect my monitor to one of the video cards. merry christmas everone
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  1. Try playing a game. If you can't crank the settings way up at max resolution and get a great framerate, it's not working properly.
  2. I just ran DirectX Diagnostic and under Display its showing Intel HD Graphics Family. How do i switch from that to my crossfire? Do i need a DVI adapter so i can connect my monitor directly to one of the video cards? merry christmas everyone
  3. you need to connect directly to your VC.
    and maybe disable intel video graphics in the bios. but only do this, when you have succesfully connectet the monitor to the video card.
    if you get a black screen, you need to clear the CMOS. (pull the battery from the motherboard.) to reset the bios.

    and since when do you connect a VGA screen to a 69xx crossfire setup......
  4. Great! i just realized that the back of the video card has 2 DVI ports and 1 HDMI. my monitor also has an HDMI port. i will try and see if that will work!

    just incase it doesnt, which DVI port is the right one or does it not matter?
  5. the first.^^
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