DDR3 Motherboard DDR2 Graphics card compatiblility question.


I have an open DDR3 on my motherboard and was looking at picking up the Galaxy 21GGE8HX3BMW GeForce 210 1GB DDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card until wondering if DDR3 woiuld be backward compatible. Would this have a shot at fitting and/or working if I had enough power behind it? If there is no way to use it are there suggestions for reasonable DdR3 cards? While I'm not a gamer I need it for the second monitor and occasional movie watching via HDMI-42" Plasma. Any help would be appreciate.
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  1. it has no effect, the ddr2 memory is on the gfx card and is specific to the card, and will have no effect on anything else but it

    edit: sorry for my errors in typing, didnt look it over
  2. The open DDR3 that you are refering to is actually a Pci-e slot and that is what it is called. If a card has DDR2 on it that memory interacts only with the card itself and not the motherboard. So you can use the card on your motherboard if you want to. The video cards now are made with DDR5 on them and they will also work on your motherboard.
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