Asus z68 gen 3 mobo UEFI bios not starting on first boot

Hello, trying to get into the bios, just finished assembling the comp and am getting one beep on the POST test. Manual says this means that it detects the vga connection, the quick boot is set to disabled, and that the keyboard is not detected. Any ideas on how to remedy this problem?

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  1. first build creates some problems due to lack of experience.but there are many guides that can help you out.toms guid is here-
    read carefully and perform every test.i hope you should be fine.don't forget to reply even after your problem is fixed.
  2. ...have you had this thread open for hours so you couldn't see tlmck?
  3. Thank you for the links ill report back after the troubleshooting is finished.
  4. Breadboarded it, turns out the motherboard is toast, thanks again for the links.
  5. Sounds good.
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