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Hey all,
I ordered some mushkin memory for the first time a couple of weeks agao. I got the Rev. 1.5. I bought two sticks, one 256 and the other 128. Botha re suppose to be pc 133 cas 2. My problem is this, the 128 mb stick only reads at cas 3 in SiSoft, no matter what the mboard settings are. The 256 mb stick reads at cas 2 in Sisoft. Did I get a bad stick? Has anyone else had this problem? Do I need to return it?
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  1. Does it run stable at CAS2?

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  2. Yes, it does run stable at Cas 2. Just doesn't register as cas 2 in Sisoft.
  3. I'm just hypothesizing here, but maybe it's Mushkin selling their RAM according to what they can handle, not manufactured spec again (like PC150).

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  4. Your good to go then. Sisoft isn't perfect. It says my CAS2.5 PC2100 DIMMs are CAS3 and that I need to upgrade my GeForce2 Pro to something faster. It's buggy sometimes.

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