PK5000Z Nat Strict encapsulation fail

Hi, I recently purchased a Zyxel PK5000Z modem from qwest, upgrading from my M1000 actiontec. My reasoning was that port forwarding was not working as part of the router on the actiontec, and the pk saved me some money on my bill. So, what I always start out doing on modem/routers is restrict DHCP to to, limiting the number of devices that could connect, and I don't know if that really matters or not for this problem, but figured I would throw everything out there. So....My actual problem is that now when boot up xbox360 I get a xbox360 live "nat strict" error. I have all the ports suggested for xbox, and the particular games forwarded, and DMZ turned on to the static IP I assigned to the xbox. I started out assigning a static IP reservation in the router for the xbox (the one I set on the xbox), but soon found not needing this. I ran the firmware diagnostic tool in the utilities menu and the "encapsulation test" failed, I called qwest, they have no clue, but sounded like a level 1 dude, but he authorized a new actiontec pk5000. conclusion, I just want to get some input incase this happens with the new one that is coming, or if your opinions support the "bad modem" theory.
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  1. I suggest using either ShieldsUp or PFPortChecker to see what they report regarding these ports.

    If you placed the IP address of the XBOX in the DMZ, that should always work (it also makes port forwarding unnecessary). That bypasses the firewall for that device, which is what's causing the problem in the first place. For all intents and purposes, it's as if your XBOX has the public IP.

    If it continues not to work, connect your XBOX directly to your modem. If it still doesn’t work, then it *HAS* to be your ISP or something else upstream blocking the ports since you don’t have NAT involved at all if you’re not using a router.

    P.S. I just realized you have a combo modem+router, so it may not be so easy for you to connect only the modem to the XBOX. Most of these combo devices do have a "bridge mode", and that effectively disables the router portion. Hopefully the Zyxel can still handle the PPPoE signon in bridge mode. So it may still be possible. That's one of the downsides of using these combo devices.
  2. So...i have tried pfportchecker with the actiontec and this zyxel, the 3074 tcp port that had forwarded to xbox only feeds back ip. So, I gave up using that. And last night I changed encapsulation type to "LLC BRIDGED" is that what u are refering to? If it is, modem wouldnt even train till I put back to auto
  3. Your only hope is to place the IP address of the Xbox as a DMZ in the PK5000Z. That Zyxel modem does have a Transparent Bridging mode, which would allow the Xbox to function through it, if the Xbox could authenticate PPPoE with your ISP. It cannot however, and neither will the modem any longer in TB mode. So, it's either DMZ or nothing.
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