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6950 2g card low score's

I have a 6950 2g card and im wondering why my scores with 3D mark are really low,
My old CPU was only running 2.2ghz and i needed to upgrade so i got the i52500k i have it overclocked atm to 4.4ghz and it helped alot but my GPU settings are still low i have the latest drivers and i have no idea could b e causeing the problem. My score in 3Dmark is 4801 for GPU... My stats are as following.

CPU: i52500k 4.4ghz
GPU: ATI XFX 6950 2g stock
Memory: G.Skill Sniper 4gigx2
MOBO: P67 Sabertooth

thanks for help in advance :) i would love to get this sloved
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  1. psu?
  2. my bad forgot that its a 800 watt
  3. Thes are my results 3D Mark 11 :
    They don't recognize my results because they are saing my drivers are not aproved by Futuremark.I have the latest drivers downloaded from AMD site.
  4. 3DMark isn't the best solution for determining your system's performance.
    How's your FPS in games ?
    Welcome to the forums BTW :)
  5. having problems with mine aswell
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    Hey, welcome to forums.

    That's how the score you would expect - I got P5297 overall score, 5051 graphics score and 7558 physics score on my GTX 560 Ti, and it's highly overclocked, despite the fact that GTX 560 Ti > HD6950. You have nothing to worry about!
  7. They are not that bad but I would expect to see a higher result from an I5-2500 machine depending on settings... Your physics score indicates that the GPU and RAM portions are slowing you down.

    Here is a thread I started relating to something I saw running Mark11 and PC MArk. I see your scores were the same...

    I managed to get mine up to P5525 (think it was) but the link is on my other tower, I can post it when I get a chance... if you want. That was with a custom overclock @3.8Ghz. P5515 was with 3.6Ghz with just OCGenie enabled but a little faster RAM clocking than in my Custom set-up.

    First thing is go into the catalyst and max the GPU (845) and RAM (1325), if you have a single fan, max it, if it is a dual fan like mine run at 60% to begin with, turn energy to 20%max, that will help a lot! I now have test 3 running well over 30fps where before it would not top high 20's. Also run CPUID HW monitor while running games and tests, if you don't already. Very good way to see what is going on during the run... It will lower your score by a few pnts having this process run, but if everything checks fine (my GPU never gets over 52C) then shut it off and re-run for maximum score.

    Next, I noticed the best results by running a higher RAM clock and lower CPU clock... seems to have the biggest impact on physics... Yours is really good, so I think just the Card settings will help.

    Also, make sure hyperthreading is on, I dropped 100 points by having it off... maybe there are other ways around this drop, but I haven't found it. Physics score dropped over 200pnts with hyperthreading off, frame rates didn't improve. Tried real world gaming and noticed a drop in performance when certain entities would fall, rise or otherwise change state (rate of acceleration).... physics function.

    Last thing is do not be afraid to crank the RES. The 2Gb card fair much better at higher RES and MSAA settings than other cards. I run 1920/1080/ max in BBC2 and I noticed no diference vs 1280x720/ Med.

    Try it and repost! I look forward to see how it works. I was strongly considering the board and chip set you have... so i would like to know the difference.

    What is your RAM speed right now?
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  9. my ram speed on the ram is 1333, i have had all my settings in CCC maxed as you have said. plus hyperthreading , i was thinking about flashing the card but honestly its not worth the pros and cons i think. And for some reason cranking the stats in CCC to 20% gives me 1-3 fps so what i have been reading people saying its giveing like 10-15 is not happening here :/
  10. Is that card running the 50's BIOS? I keep forgetting I have the dual bios with the 70 shaders. I notice 200 points better in 3DMark11 with my alternate bios active. I managed to get it up to a P5725 on 4Ghz and running the GPU@840Mhz and the RAM at 1325Mhz. The jump in voltage does not give it much in terms of FPS from what I can tell. Just helps it run cooler. I don't get over 55C running my card on MAX(8XAAA and all) setting in BBC2 for 4-5Hrs. The BIOS makes the biggest difference in my system. I backed it off from 880Mhz on the GPU and only dropped a few GFX points.... in Mark11. You will want to run Mark 11 more for your GFX system testing I think is what someone else was saying earlier in the thread.
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