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Is it worth it? upgrading to crossfire!

im looking into getting another 5870 as they seem to be coming down in price rapidly.
is it worth upgrading with a second 1.
currently i play all my games at x2-x4fsaa 1920/1080 30+minimum fps so its not like im short on horsepower already... i just want to know if it will really be worth the money and effort.

currently im learning 3dsmax but that seems to have limits on what it can do even with a dx11 card.

the reason im asking is some of the benches i have seen havent looked to promising in the overall scaling. not much more than 60% and add in the problem of micro stutter on any game that sits near 30 or 60fps you can see why im a little bothered.

or would it be better to sell my current card and put what i get towards a new series card... as the 7970 may fall inside my budget and may have the performance of x2 5870's on a single card single gpu ...

hmmm decisions decisions... please help!

specs in my sig...
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  1. Sell your card and get a 7970.2 5870's perform good but CF doesn't always work with all games and has it's issues,so getting a single card is a wiser choice IMO.7970's performance is impressive(faster than 2 5870's in most cases)
  2. thanx for the input...
  3. hmmm after seeing the paper launch figures im even less convinced... games like dirt 3 should be tipping 100+fps but there benching the 7970 in the 80's whic is a considerable leap from what i was expecting from a gpu that has nearly double the shader count. im almost at my decision. when i see the full benches i will make up my mind, but for now im not convinced it will be worth the money as my current card will be lucky to return £150 even with its fancy 42'c max temp cooler... (people just dont know a bargain when they see 1) currently i can get roughly 70 percent+
    in the games i do play and know work with xfire. the 7970 is looking at less than a 60% increase over what i already have and will cost considerably more than a second 5870...
  4. Um.. how would selling an old card and buying a $550+ card be a smart choice? Just buy a second 5870, even a used one, you'll easily max out all games.

    My crossfire 5850s were a great investment and I might not even have to upgrade to this new generation because they are so powerful. Microstutter is a possibility but it's not something universal. No idea why.

    Also, I get much better than 60% scaling, more like 80-90%. I have a thread I made on that a while back I could dig up for you.
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    CF would be a genuine upgrade 80% of the time. A crossfire setup is a nuisance, and a powerful single GPU setup is definitely preferred, but on the other hand, it is a very inexpensive way to get much more power.

    Also note you may get similar raw fps with a CF setup vs a 7970, but that doesn't mean it will be the same experience. A 7970 will always work, and you will get more even/consistent frames, and less input lag, also, tessellation performance is pretty weak on 5xxx series, may be a consideration for games going forward .

    If you want a beast system and you aren't too worried about cost, I would look into a different card upgrade. If you are at all concerned about cost/performance a CF could really make sense.
  6. Oh, you might also want to check classified ads. I saw a guy selling a new 6970 for only $250... I kind of want that for myself lol. I also so a 5970 for $300.
  7. thanx for the input guys... not long to wait now so it is getting a little bit tense lol...
    btw im in the uk so everything is a little more expensive as we tend to pay in pounds what you guys in the U.S pay in dollars... so a top end amd card is becoming an even less attractive proposition...
    i have found a supplier that will deliver a frozer II edition for around £175 whic isnt 2 bad but it will take a couple of weeks to get the money sorted for it. (other commitments atm im afraid)
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