Gtx 590 and windows 7 error code 43

Hi all

dec. the 23rd i bought myself a new rig (x-mas gift for myself) Asus Maximus Extreme-z, Asus gtx 590, 16G kingston hyperx ram,i7 2600K, 1000w psu, aigility 3 120G ssd and was thinking .. lets get this **** assembled .. everything goes well until i'm installing the graphics drivers .. then i get an error code 43 and the Nvidia control panel tell's me it can't find any compatible GPU's .. but my win 7 device manager tell's me it finds to Nvidia GTX 590 GPU's .. and this is happening with almost ALL the nvidia drivers .. the only work around i have to this, is if i instal the 267.91 drivers that came with the graphics card, but then a new problem occurs .. after 10 - 15 minutes, my 3 screens goes black .. the computer is still running, but all the screens goes black .. and the only thing i can do to get the monitors showing something again, is to re-cycle the power ..

are there anyone out there who got any idea's to solved this issue ?!

best regards
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  1. Express uninstall all the nVidia drivers using driver sweeper, then install the latest ones.

    If the problem still presets, back up your data and do a fresh install of Win7.
  2. haven't tried the driver sweeper yet, but i've reinstalled win7 in both a 32bit version and 64bit version .. and the problem is the same ..
  3. Try the card in another PCI-E slot,if it didn't help,then RMA it
  4. why do you think that would help Maziar .. it doesn't make any sense ..since it runs on an older version of Nvidia's drivers .. ?!
  5. Well,I've seen people having this kind of issues and moving the card to another PCI-E has helped(It's weird I know but it has worked for some users)
    Also you mentioned that your card works with older drivers but after 10-15 minutes,it gives you black screens,so your card may not have a driver issue.So maybe either of your card or motherboard are defective,that's why I recommended testing it in another slot to be 100% sure if it isn't the problem with your motherboard.
  6. aaah I see .. i'll give that a try and see what happens ... ill get back to you when i've tried the switch!
  7. i tried the to change the slot and that didn't help ..

    anyone out there with any suggestions how to solve this issue ?
  8. Yes, try the GPU in another machine...with the latest drivers. make sure that the other machine has a decent CPU, PSU.
  9. i tried to put it in my old machine, until i discovered that it only has an 425W PSU, so that's a no go .. but I have been reading about a few people, who has the exact same problem as me, and one guyed fixed it by changing the DRAM frequency to 1333Mhz .. I know it sounds like an hw error .. but it just weird that it works with the old 267.91 driver though it's just for 10 - 15 minutes at a time ..
  10. Move your decent PSU to the old machine and give it a try, i'm all suspecting it's a software issue. So did you try changing the RAM frequency and it worked?
  11. ? Dead...
  12. Finally, I checked in with an old driver version 258.96 (with old installation wizard) and does not display CODE 43 in Device Manager with low-res desktop. But now its does artifacting on desktop! I try with the thermal compound (the recommendation to take the heatsink of the card, remove any remains of old thermal paste and clean the GPU and heatsink contacts properly and apply a fresh layer of thermal paste). I conclude from this that the new versions of drivers are with the built-in diagnostics for health of card and any type of error happens it reports CODE 43 to stop the operation of the device. I think this is generally in response to all of the same problem-HARDWARE MALFUNCTION:sarcastic:
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