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How do I overclock my Sapphire 6950 to 6970?

Hello all and Happy Holidays! This is a stupid question for me to be saying but--how do you overclock a Sapphire 2GB 6950 to a 6970? I looked into Sapphire Trixx Utility to overclock the sharers and all, but it really does not do anything. It reverts back to its original shaders. Can anybody help me out in guiding me through the process of overclocking my Sapphire 6950?

P.S: This is my first time actually doing it.
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    there's a guide explaining everything but it doesn't work for all cards.
  2. I have heard about that breaker but on Newegg reviews they were able to still overclock there shaders without any trouble. I will look into this to see how they do it thanks breaker.
  3. you need to unlock it not overclock it to get the shaders of the HD6970
  4. which sapphire card do you have?Exactly.
  5. the card you have is unlockable through BIOS swtich.
  6. Would you know how to help me with this BIOS switch chinoroy?
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    well you just flip the switch. have you tried that already? if that doesn't work, then maybe a BIOS flash would work with your card.

    also download GPU-Z to check the shaders.
  8. All right thanks!
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