EyeFinity (Dual Monitor) with Radeon HD 5750?

Hello there!

Recently i've got a new monitor (Philips Blade 23" 1080p Full HD)

And i've been wondering: Is it possible to run EyeFinity with 2 of these monitors (not 2 more, just 2)

So that instead of 1920 x 1080 it would be 3840 x 1080?

(My graphic card only has HDMI, DVI and that blue output thing)

Thank you alot!
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  1. well this worked with my 5770(one model up-with three screens) so I dont see why it would not work... unless like the 5770 the hdmi and dvi share an output.. if that is the case you will need to run vga(the blue port) and dvi/hdmi.
    sorry about the muddled info hope something helped:S
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