GPU questions???

well i am buying a new Gaming pc. now i have to decide which gpu to pick.

The two i am trying to decide between are the EVGA 560ti 2gb and the EVGA 560ti 448 1280mb. I heard some things about how the 448 core one is faster but i am worried about the lack of memory. do i need the 2gb to play on a single 1080p monitor? i want to play Bf3 skyrim CS:GO

here are the two cards

GTX 560ti 448 1280mb

gtx 560ti 2gb
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  1. Should be fine with 1280MB for 1080p game play.
  2. 1280 mb is enough for single 1080p gaming, get the 448 version or the GTX 570 if you could go for it
  3. since the 560ti 448 cores is only $10 more, that is a better one based on price. either card is good for gaming at 1080p. 1280 mb vram is enough for 1080p. make sure your psu and the rest of your system supports the gfx card you choose.
  4. 1.2gb is good for 1080p but for now only....unless you want nvidia..the Radeon 6970 will do just fine.
  5. still say for the price just get a 570
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