Custom pc please please help! noob, changes to system..

hello again, i posted just yesterday in desperate need of help with a custom pc i had ordered , for better or worse i have made some changes thanks to the help of some ppl on here. I would like some opinions on my final choice, as i said yesterday i am/was primarily a console gamer and am looking to have a pc that has better graphics and framerate than that of xbox 360 and ps3, any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks...

alrite, this was my original pc

amd am3+ x6 fx-6100 cpu
asus m5a97 970/sb950 am3 ddr3 motherboard
g skill 4gb ddr3 1333 ram
hitachi 3.5'' deskstar 500gb sata hdd
aerocool aero engine tower case
aero cool e85-550 watt psu
gainward 1gb gtx560 vga card

now my final choice thanks to the ppl who took the time last night to help and answer my stupid questions..

intel core i5 2400 3.10ghz 1155pin boxed cpu
AsRock Z-68 pro3 gen3 Z68 ddr3 dvi hdmi sata3 1155pin motherboard
g skill nq 4gb kit ddr3 1600 ram
hitachi 3.5'' deskstar 500gb sata hdd
aerocool aero engine tower case
corsair gs-600 atx power supply unit
gainward 1gb gtx560 vga card.

have i made the right choices in changing what i have changed?? thanks heaps. im in way over my head lol.
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  1. changes lots 'n' lots of changes

    1 change cpu to i5 2500k
    2 change mobo to asus p8p67
    3 change ram to g.skill ripjaws x series 8gb
    4 change hhd to western digital caviar black 500gb
    5 change psu to corsair ax650
  2. yeah, money is a issue. I am over my budget already, i cant afford to go better than what i have already. i guess my main question then is, is the computer i have decided to get better than the original? and will it be able to do what i want it to do?
  3. Yes its better. You improved your CPU and you improved your PSU....both good things.

    You could even go with a better brand name GPU for about the same money:

    You could save a few more bucks with a PSU like this...still a Corsair.

    And yes, you should be able to play most games with pretty good settings and a pretty good resolution. It's a good value build.
  4. im all about the value lol. all up its come to $820, might be a bit steep for what it is, but its the best price i could get without ordering online and i am kind of restricted in that area.
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