New buld temps

i was recently playing tf2and i was wondering if these temps were normal ?
i3 2120-50c
sapphire 6870-55c
i just want to know if im good to play bf3 because i only need 2 more gigs of installing left

plus my case
fans setup
120 side fan blowing air in
140 front fan blowing air in
120 topfan blowing air in
also i got the side fan from the rear so tell me if that was a bad decision

so thanks for your help in advanced
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  1. You should have roughly equal air blowing out that you do blowing in. Typically the top fans blow out, and the rear fan blows out. Front and side usually blow in. The GPU temp looks good, the CPU looks ok but not great.

    During gaming my gpu is around 55-60 and my cpu is around 35. I've got two 120mm blowing in from front, a 120 in rear blowing out, and a 200mm on top blowing out. No side.
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