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GPU for a 1280*1024 resolution.

Hi guys !

I will have this computer for at least 6 months so i am forced to upgrade my GPU.I want to play latest games like MW3 , BF3 , NFS The Run at maxed out all if possible with this computer.I dont want to spend to much on this computer around 80$ so go ahead with your opinions.

My current specs are :

Cpu : Amd Athlon x64 4200+ OC @ 4.7Ghz (Stock Air Cooling)
Ram : 3 Gb DDR2 @757Mhz
PSU : Henos Switching PSU 550W
Hdd : 320 Gb Hdd
OnBoard Graphic : 630a Nvidia 256 dedicated.
Mobo : GeForce 7050M-M
Monitor : Ibox 17" (1280*1024)

Any help is appriciated :) Than you.
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    It's $120 but it will give you nice performance.
  2. ok thank you i am going for it :)
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  4. Welcome, good luck and hope it works. :)
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