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My power supply good enough??

hi just wanting to make sure i have all the right stuff, this is my computer, is the power supply going to be able to handle it?

intel core i5 2400 3.10ghz 1155pin boxed cpu
AsRock Z-68 pro3 gen3 Z68 ddr3 dvi hdmi sata3 1155pin motherboard
g skill nq 4gb kit ddr3 1600 ram
hitachi 3.5'' deskstar 500gb sata hdd
aerocool aero engine tower case
corsair gs-600 atx power supply unit
gainward 1gb gtx560 vga card.
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  1. its fine corsair is great also nvidia cards arent really that power demanding so no worries.
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    Corsair is a very reliable brand. As long as it's only one card, and a high quality PSU you could run most any GPU on 600 Watts.
  3. xfx 550w is cheaper and is high quality too(made by seasonic)
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