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Hello Guys, I inherited a Dell PC with an Intel 845g pci accelerated motherboard and it runs a bit slow. Three questrions: (1) Just what kind of memory does this mobo have? I believe it to be PC 133 unbuffered 168 pin non-ecc SDR SDRAM dimms. Is this correct? (2) Can the onboard "Intel Extreme Graphics" be upgraded? (3) It also has onboard audio and I tried to add a sound card bgut could not get the PC to recognize it even after dis-abling onboard audio in the setup. It only recognizes the sound card as "an unidentified multi-media device".
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  1. To get it to recognize the sound card, you have to install the soundcards drivers.

    The memory type, speed, voltage and timings should be listed on a sticker on the ram.

    I'm pretty sure that board doesn't have AGP slots (brown) or (long tan or white) Pci-e slots, it only has pci slots, which is very rare I must say.

    Can you tell what the slot is by looking at it? Pci is a short tan slot, the first one near the cpu. If it's pci only you can only upgrade to a low end card like these and basically they are very overpriced crap because they haven't been made in many years:

    Your best bet would be to look on craigslist or post and ad on craigslist for a PCI video card. I had a box full but I threw them all away years ago.

    *edit* that last link was wrong, fixed it now.
  2. Thanks for your input. No AGP, only PCI. That link you sent will be helpful. RustyMan
  3. system is too old if you want more performance bin it buy a new one seriously
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