I7-2700k for $60 less, or i7-3770k?

I've been waffling between the two chips for a while now, and, being an intel noob, have no idea which way to go. If I buy the 2700k, it's $10 cheaper and I get $50 off a Z77 mobo due to a deal at Microcenter. Is the 3770k worth the extra $60 or should I just get the 2700k?

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  1. The improvements that Ivy Bridge bring over Sandy are minimal, Sandy will be a viable architecture for a good few years especially if you're a casual user or gamer who doesn't require a lot of threads in your computing. I can vouch for the 2700k got one myself and they overclock like a dream, got mine from 3.5GHz to 4.7GHz without even a voltage tweak needed, great stuff!

    Besides the deal you are being offered sounds pretty damn good! I wish we got deals like that in the UK. However, having said that do you still get the reduction on the motherboard if you purchase the 3770k?
  2. That's the only downside of the deal there, if you get the 3770k, no $50 off. The i5-3570k works with the $50 off however.
  3. What is the intended use for this new build - mainly gaming or what? The Ivy CPU's and z77 boards certainly offer some great new features you might want to consider.
  4. It's going to be mostly for gaming, but I'll be graduating soon and am going into advertising where I'll need to use it for video and photo editing.
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