Is this power supply good for my needs?

About to go crossfire and buy another Powercolor radeon 6850, so wondering if this PSU is good enough to run my system.

It's 650w which should suffice, and has 2x 6pin connectors to the graphics card which i think i need because i go Crossfire.
And it also has 20+4 pins to the motherboard and I atleast think that my motherboard needs that.

CPU= AMD phenom II x4 955BE


4 GB ram (2x2 2gb)
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  1. Yes this power supply will run your system. I'm surprised superflower is still in business; I haven't seen any venders in the usa sell them for years. I used one for about six months with no problems, but if you can find a corsair or antec for a similar price, I would get one of those brands instead.
  2. Actually Super Flower has distinguished itself in recent years as a very good OEM for brands like NZXT, Kingwin and Rosewill and they make some very good to excellent units.

    Anandtech is a great site but they are not the best power supply reviewers. They did like this power supply though.

    It looks like a great power supply OP. It will be fine with 2 x HD 6850s.

    O1die they have a very large product line.
  3. Yes it will run your rig fine superflower makes pretty decent psu
  4. I would buy another superflower if newegg or frys had them. Too bad they don't.
  5. Thanks for great answers, I would go for Corsair/Antec of course, but can't really find any 650w in that price range where I live so I'll just go with the Super Flower.
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