Upgrading the CPU on a Gateway DX4831-01e

Would like to move up from the intel i3 to a i5 or i7 processor. Is this possible? I have updatd the BIOS for my computer.
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  1. I've read the thread by billy biker, but it did not answer my ? One response says yes, no problem, but that seems TOO easy or I'm I overreacting?
  2. Typically on a gateway yuou only can upgrade the processor to those which gateway offered. I dont see that Gateway offered any other cpu's on this system.
  3. The DX4831 series came with all three (i3, i5, and i7), but the -01e only came with an i3. I can't find any info on upgradability for the mobo in the -01e, so I don't know if it would support an i5 or i7, or even if it's the same mobo that's in the rest of the DX4831 series.
  4. danm I need to know this same asnwer :(
  5. ok not sure if you guys still around but I have done this I installed an i7 860 and its working.
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