To upgrade or not to upgrade?

|CPU| Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8400 (Corsair h60)
|Mobo| Asus P5Q SE S775
|RAM| Kingston hyperx 8GB DDR2-1066 (KHX8500D2K2/4G)
|GPU| MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC
|HDD| Kingston SSDNow V Series 60GB SSD
|HDD 2| WD caviar Green 1 tb sata 2
|PSU| Corsair AX750
|Case| Cooler MastEr Haf 922

A couple of months back I had a fire and it really did some damage on my pc and I had to replace some parts and decided I would update them while I was at it. I changed the psu,gpu and cpu cooler. Recently I moved the computer to my room and find the noise drives me crazy,also the case doesnt quite fit my new table.In the cleaning process (had to do it myslef because no one would give me any garanties) the case got scratched alot :cry: ,also my mobo some times decides it doesn't want to work and it results in me resetting it.

I am looking in to buying a new case and really love the Corsair 550D and am almost set on it. That got me to thinking that I should just update my system,but I can't decide. I am looking at the i5 2500k as a cpu,probably 8gb of ddr3 (corsair) and a mobo with room to improve on later as I am always updating my pc. Money wise I would not mind getting the parts little by little.

Will I notice a large difference in performance?
Should I wait for Ivy Bridge?
Is it worth the money?

Currently I use my pc for music,internet browsing,youtube,hd movies,gaming(nba 2k12,DcUO,MW3,etc),school work,basicly everything. I have two moniters connected to my pc a 22" Samsung full hd and a 17" acer.

P.S- I am looking for a good set of wireless gaming headset and I like the logitech g930,any thoughts,recomendations? Thanks
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  1. Honestly, that machine looks fine for another year or two. I've got one pretty close to that (better CPU, worse video card) and it still just kills almost any game you throw at it. Wouldn't be jumping to do anything unless you've got money to spare.
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