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Hi!. I got a not so new Dell optiplex 745 with a old Intel Pentium 4 530 @3.00Ghz with 1gb of sYstem RAM, a 80gb seagate hard drive, a 305w power supply And integrated intel gma 3000 graphics, my question is, Can i replace the old Pentium 4 that is 90nm with a Pentium e5500 or a Core 2 Duo e6750 that are 45nm? also, i will buy a geforce gt430 and a 2gb dual channel ddr2 memory. does the power supply support these three components? also is this a good computer or should i buy a motherboard and install everything from the start?
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  1. Those old boards are btx format; a few take core2 duos but only the old 1066 fsb .65nm cpus. It's hard to say what cpu will work without a specific dell board number. I also suggest you post your question on dell's website in their forum section. Maybe a dell tech will read and answer your question. Generally, those boards aren't designed to be upgraded easily for the cpu. My personal suggestion is to sell the system intact and not put any money into it, or gift it to someone and start over. If you buy another oem system, get an hp instead of dell; at least hp will list your upgrade options on their website for newer systems, so you'll know your options. Dell doesn't do this. They would rather have you buy a new system.
  2. ok, thank you very much o1die, i thinked i could put there a core 2 duo because i have seen threads where people posted that the have runned a Core 2 Quad in that motherboard and upgraded the ram and the graphics card
  3. Only the old 1066 fsb core2 duos will work such as the e6600; the quads require a higher rated power supply; don't try the .45 wolfdales such as the e8400; they definately won't post.
  4. ok, thank you, i will go for an e6600 at along with 4gb ddr2 667 ram memory and a nvidia geforce gt430. i calculated the power supply and it can support all of these three components
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