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I have problem with my mouse, or graphics, but out of my knowledge.
My cursor woks perfectly otherwise, but if I start a game(any will do(I think), but have tested Crysis 2, company of heroes, witcher 2, SWtOR and mass effect 2) cursor disappears, but is centered in screen.

Before posting this found topic with similarity, tested what worked for others and it had no effect for me.
I have tried getting newest drivers for graphics card, the mouse, and in fact to everything that had old drivers.

I'am using Nvidia GTX 275 graphics card, Asus P5Q PRO TURBO mother board, intel E8500 (3.16GHz) processor and sidewinder x8 mouse, for any additional information just ask.
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  1. check if those gamessupport your sidewinder mouse in the game setting
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